These are the DVD’s I produced on the different activities of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) from the years 1985 to 2007. The videos show the master in all his major activities such as meditations, singing and composing new mantric songs in Bengal and in English, reciting poems, giving talks, performing in concerts, promoting peace and harmony, painting, practising many forms of sports as well as weight-lifting achievemments. All DVD's are available in PAL and NTSC.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sri Chinmoy's birthday August 1993

This video covers the highlights of the birthday celebration: Sri Chinmoy demonstrates the three steps of Samadhi: Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa and Sahaja, and gives a concert at the Julia Richmond Highschool. Also featured is his opening meditation at the "Parliament of the World's Religions" in Chicago. Length: 1:36 h dvdkv084

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

April Celebrations 1993 in New York

This Celebration video covers a concert at the York College, Jamaica, where Sri Chinmoy sang the Invocation, Ave Maria a.o. as well as spiritual highlights of the anniversary function on April 13th with many meditation close-ups. Length: 1:20 h dvdkv081.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sri Chinmoy in Japan 1992

Japan is one of Sri Chinmoy's most favorite countries. His visit in 1992 brought him to the cultural centre Kyoto, the famous Kamakura Buddha statue (where he met the Head Priest, meditated on the Buddha and planted a tree in the garden) and to the capital Tokyo, where more than 10,000 people attended a most successful concert at the Nippon Budokan Hall, where a laser show and a big video screen surrounded the master's performances. The concert culminated with a striking piano piece and the presentation of Sri Chinmoy's Japan song that he performed together with all his Japanese students on stage. Length: 1:25 h dvdkv077

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sri Chinmoy answers questions (1990-92)

Sri Chinmoy answers questions during two press conferences in Stockholm (1990) and Tokyo (1992). He reveals his opinions on such themes as heart-power, conquering the mind, delight, consciousness, divine qualities, oneness with the soul, the spiritual development of the Japanese society and the achievments of former President Gorbachev. Length: 1:23 h dvdkv076

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Berlin Concert of Sri Chinmoy 1992

A major peace concert in the famous "Deutschlandhalle" in Berlin with an audience of 9000 seekers. Sri Chinmoy dedicated this concert to President Gorbachev and invited Irina Malekova from the Gorbachev Foundation to speak on stage. Meditation close-ups and musical performances on the esraj, the golden bamboo flute, the harmonium, the cello, the piano and on a big Chinese gong. LENGTH: 1:13 h / DVD KV1074

Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Celebrations August 1992

Sri Chinmoy plays tennis, the Omsk choir performs, Sri Chinmoy sings the "Invocation", meditates on the "Aspiration- Ground" in Queens, NY, meets with Irina Malekowa from the Gorbachev Foundation and gives a concert on his birthday, including the performance of Avatar songs. Length: 1:32 h dvdkv073

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy - Part 2

Inspiring close-ups of realized master Sri Chinmoy combined with his own flute music as background. This is the 2nd in a series of 10 meditation videos that are ideal for personal inspiration as well as for meditation workshops. Length: 59 min dvdkv070

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

April Celebrations 1992 in New York

Walking meditations on the tennis-court in New York and a full coverage of the Hunter College concert are the main features. A.o. Sri Chinmoy sings "Ave Maria", plays on the blue esraj, on many synthesizers, the viola, the golden flute and the piano. Several times during the concert he chants mantras. Jharna-Kala artworks by Sri Chinmoy himself were used as stage background. Length: 1:09 h dvdkv065

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sri Chinmoy in Warsaw 1992

In March of 1992 spiritual master and peace promoter Sri Chinmoy (1931 - 2007) visited Poland where he gave two concerts, inclu- ding performances on flu- tes, the esraj, a new harp, synthesizer, piano and har- monium. He also inaugu- rated a “Peace Mile” near Warsaw and did an extensive indoor sprint practice. This new DVD edition is based on the original footage of 1992. Length: 1:46 h/dvdkv064

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sri Chinmoy visits Malta & Sicily 1991

A beautiful scenery, friendly people and the highlights of four concerts in Malta and Sicily with many unforgettable meditation close-ups characterize this Christmas Trip video of 1991, now available in a newly revised and edited version. This is my first Christmas Trips with Sri Chinmoy recorded on video. Length: 1:41 h dvdkv060

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sri Chinmoy in Barcelona 1991

Sri Chinmoy visited Southern Europe in November 1991 and gave also a concert in Barcelona, concluding with a long meditation. He then invited the seekers to come to the stage to meditate with him for a moment. The concert was part of a European Tour that brought him also to Frankfurt (see dvdkv056). Length: 1:11 h dvdkv057

Saturday, January 19, 2008

NEW: Montpellier Concert 1991

In 1991 Sri Chinmoy was very active touring Europe, starting with a Peace Concert in Frankfurt on October 27th (see video no. 056), then in Montpellier on November 9th and finally in Barcelona on November 11th (see video no. 057). This video covers the concert in Montpellier where Sri Chinmoy played in front of a huge replica of one of his Jharna-Kala paintings. He played on many new instruments, sang with the harmonium and played on the piano. Although the temperature in the hall was chilly, the atmosphere the French audience was warm and the many visitors from around the world enjoyed the performance and the master’s meditations. 67min. dvdkv058

The Frankfurt Concert of 1991

Maestro Sri Chinmoy plays his own compositions on many eastern and western instruments and sings his own mantric songs, mainly in his native Bengali language. The concert was part of a European Tour that brought him also to Barcelona (see dvdkv057). Length: 1:28 h dvdkv056

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sri Chinmoy's Celebrations New York 1991

The Celebrations video of 1991 brings you to the opening ceremony of the Peace Run, as the International Harmony Run first was namend. Sri Chinmoy opens the run and gives the torch to the runners from all the different continents. Narada Michael Walden introduces Addwitiya Roberta Flack, who plays and sings for the audience. Second part: Sri Chinmoy sings the "Invocation" on his "Aspiration-Ground" in Queens, NY, shows the competition racing shoes that he got as a present from Sudhahota Carl Lewis and throws the javelin behind his tennis-court. Als included is a series of beautiful birhday meditations. Length: 45 min dvdkv055

NEW: Prague & Budapest Concert 1990

Sri Chinmoy visited Prague and Budapest as part of the “Oneness - Happiness - Song Tour” in November 1990. This video brings you the highlights of both performances, covering compositions on the harmonium, the esraj, flutes, cello, psalter, gongs, a Balinese Xylophon, the violin, the piano a.o. As it was common in those days, there were silent peace meditations in between the musical pieces as well as at the beginning and end of each concert. Length: 1:19 h. dvdkv042

NEW: Berlin Concert 1990

In November 1990 Sri Chinmoy toured Europe and also gave several Peace Concerts in West and former East Berlin. The master played on many instruments such as the harmonium, many kinds of flutes, the cello, gongs, esraj, synthesizers and pianos. This video brings you back the memories of this concert tour, including meditations in between the various pieces as well as during a Boat Trip where different singing groups performed. At the end of the East Berlin concert visitors express their opinions on Sri Chinmoy’s music. Length: 1:01 h. No. dvdkv059

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sri Chinmoy in Sweden 1990

Sri Chinmoy visited Sweden in October 1990 and gave two concerts in the Konserthus of Stockholm, including major performances on the piano and the pipe organ. You see him also arriving at the airport, enjoying a boat ride and meeting New Age musician Ralph Lundsten. View an excerpt on (See also dvdkv040: Poetry Reading in Stockholm). Length: 1:25 h dvdkv041

Poetry Reading in Stockholm 1990

First public poetry reading and talk on the spiritual significance of poetry by Sri Chin- moy in the Music Academy of Stockholm in the year 1990. English and Bengali recita- tions with Swedish translations. Sri Chinmoy introduces many of his early poems and meditates in between. View an excerpt on Length: 1:12 h dvdkv040

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NEW: Leipzig, Hannover & Nürnberg 1990

The year 1990 was for Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) a major concert tour year. Under the motto “Oneness-Happiness-Song” he traveled through many European countries and gave concerts to spread peace, harmony, love and joy. From February 18 - 22 he performed in Leipzig (former East Germany), Hannover and Nürnberg. This video brings you the highlights: Meditations, singing a special song composed for East Germany, playing on the harp, flutes, harmonium, esraj, psalter, steel drum, gongs, the piano the organ a.o. Enjoy the special moments. Length: 1:20 h. dvdkv039

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Improvisations on European Pipe Organs

On May 26, 1987 Sri Chinmoy performed for the first time on a pipe organ in Zurich. The video covers this historical music piece as well as many more organ improvisations in the following European cities: Stockholm, Den Haag, Copenhagen and Munich. from 1987-1990. View excerpts on Length: 1:34 h dvdkv036

Monday, January 14, 2008

Celebrations New York 1990

Summary of the highlights of both the April and the August Celebrations of 1990, including Sri Chinmoy's Avatar songs, his tennis playing and his unique performance on two pianos. He played on one piano while all movements were electronically recorded. Then he played on a second piano while the first one played the recorded part. Length: 1:17 h dvdkv033

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sri Chinmoy in Paris and England 1989

Reception at the UNESCO in Paris and reports from two peace concerts in Paris (with talks on determination and patience) as well as Sri Chinmoy's concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, a pipe organ performance in London and at the Cathedral in Ely (GB); and a reception at Westminster, London. Length: 1:15 h dvdkv017

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cambridge Concert 1989

Concert of Sri Chinmoy in the auditorium of the University of Cambridge on June 27, 1989 with many new instruments that he never played before, such as the cembalo and the harp. Also included is a talk on the theme of "Oneness-education". Length: 49 min dvdkv019

Friday, January 11, 2008

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy - Part 1

To see a spiritual master in high meditation is rare. This is Part 1 of a series that show Sri Chinmoy with inspiring close-ups of meditation scenes, taken in Super-8 movie format and now being digitalized and technically improved. The soundtrack is from Sri Chinmoy's own Flute Music CD. Length: 34 min dvdkv012

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sri Chinmoy - 25 years in the West

Highlights of the April and August Celebrations 1989 (celebrating his arrival in the West on April 13 and memorating his birthday on August 27) with many meditation close-ups and the visits of the musicians Mokshagun and Addwitiya, Narada's per- formance, a report on the opening ceremony of the World Harmony Run in Manhatten as well as Sri Chinmoy's opening speach and meditation at an Indian art show, where he also exhibited his Jharna-Kala. Length: 61 min dvdkv009

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sri Chinmoy visits Swiss Monastery

When spiritual master Sri Chinmoy was visiting Switzerland in 1989, he also visited a Swiss monastery, where he meditated in the chapel, performed songs he composed on Lord Jesus, answered questions of the nuns and demonstrated the various states of meditation. A historical document of a unique interreligious meeting. Length: 39 min dvdkv006

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

European Concert Tour 1989

Peace Concerts in the University of Vienna and in Oberlaa (Austria), Ludwigshafen and Heidel- berg (both Germany) with many recitations, talks and close-ups of meditations. You can also see Sri Chinmoy's visit of the first SEWA/Madal Bal enterprise in Vienna, run by his Austrian students. Length: 1:44 h dvdkv005

Monday, January 7, 2008

European Concert Tour 1988

Concerts of Sri Chinmoy in Florence, Antwerp and Den Haag, “Lifting up the world with a oneness-heart” performances in Zurich and Munich, a talk on enthusiasm, a surprise trip to the Swiss mountains and unique im- provisations on various percussion instruments. Visit of Natika’s “Oneness-World” bookshop in Zurich. Length: 1:14 h dvdkv004

Sunday, January 6, 2008

DAVOS - Meditation & Concert

On May 27 of 1987, spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) had a 7-hour Concert & Meditation in the Swiss village Davos where he performed on many musical instruments he never played before: flutes, a variety of chimes, string instruments, the cello, contra bass, synthesizers and some unusual instruments like the sound-producing Indonesian wood sticks. In between the musical pieces he meditated in silence. Watch the highlights of this historical event. During the same trip he played for the first time on a pipe organ in Zurich on May 26th (see DVD No. 036). Length: 1:31 h

The Hallenstadion Zurich Concert 1985

On March 31, 1985 Sri Chinmoy gave his first big concert in the Zurich Hallenstadion, a prestigious hall, where normally large sports events, musicals or pop concerts take place. Sri Chinmoy transformed the hall into a vessel of spiritual manifestation. About 6000 seekers from all over Europe attended the performance that was divided into three parts an lasted for more than three hours. Sri Chinmoy often meditated between the different instruments. View an excerpt on www. Length: 2:09 h dvdkv003.

Early Super-8mm films of Sri Chinmoy

These are  historical Super-8 mm film documents revealing the early life of Sri Chinmoy and his students. Sushumna from England captured joy, contemplation and action during celebrations in the US and Europe over the years 1970-73 (25 min). - The second film was realized by Kedar from Switzerland and shows Sri Chinmoy in concert in Europe from 1986-1988, his tennis playing with disciples and Sudhahota Carl Lewis, pictures from races & Sports-Days and meditations on the "Aspiration-Ground" in Queens, New York (19 min). Total length: 44 min.  dvd002

The Cologne Concert 1984

On March 24, 1984, Sri Chinmoy offered his first major PEACE CONCERT, entitled "God's Beauty in His Oneness-Home", in which 8,000 seekers from all over Europe attended. It took place in the Kölner Sporthalle in Cologne, Germany, and tickets were free. On March 24th, 2012 the European students of Sri Chinmoy celebrated the 28 year anniversary of this historical concert. I recently discovered a VHS recording of the event which In would like to share with the world in full length. It is also available as a DVD in a Pal and NTSC version, produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

During his lifetime, spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) offered more than 770 free concerts worldwide, performing at such venues as the Royal Albert Hall in London; Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the United Nations Headquarters in New York; Tokyo’s Nippon Budokon; and the Sydney Opera House.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


This is one of the first historic film documents available of Sri Chinmoy's highest meditations, realized at his home in Queens, NY, in the early 1970s. It is a digitally refreshed version of the movie. The added soundtrack is from the "Battle of Kurukshetra", a pioneer piano improvisation that Sri Chinmoy created later. This film has not been produced by kedarvideo but by one of the early students of Sri Chinmoy. I am only distributing it. Length: 16 min dvd001

Early Years

This is one of the first film documents available of Sri Chinmoy's highest activities, including glimpses of the fisrt Jharna Kala art achievements, a private meditation in his house, a car ride to te UN and a gathering with disciples on a meadow where you see him floating through nature and meditating on divine qualities. This film has not been produced by kedarvideo but by one of the early students of Sri Chinmoy. Length: 1:04 h; dvd000